Medicine use review

Are you getting the best from your medicines?

What is medicines use review?
A medicines use review is a free consultation with a pharmacist about your medicines. The pharmacist will review the medicines you are taking and discuss them with you. The pharmacist will also advise on how you can use your medicines more effectively. It is not meant to replace the role of the general practitioner but rather provide:

  • A review of all medicines to see if there is any overlapping or interactions
  • Give extra information on what medicines are for
  • Discuss side effects of medicines
  • Identify problems associated with medicines

Who should have a medicines use review?
It is recommended that anyone regularly taking medicines should have a review at least once a year. Most people who have attended this form of consultation have found it useful.

How does a medicines use review work?
First make an appointment with the pharmacist. The consultation is confidential and will take between 15 & 30 minutes. Bring your medicines with you and discuss these with the pharmacist. The pharmacist will give you advice and review the way you take your medicines to ensure you get the best from them.

Eastcote Pharmacy can help.
If you would like advice on the medicines you are taking then please contact us and speak to our pharmacist who will make an appointment for a free Medicines Use Review service at our store.

This service is subject to you meeting the following criteria:
You must have been taking regular medicine for more than 3 months and have Patient Medical Records at our Pharmacy.