Smoking Clinic

Champix and NRT treatment available

How can you stop smoking?

There are many ways to give up smoking including will power, therapy books and replacement cigarettes. One of the most common and successful is Nicotine Replacement Therapy (NRT). These are products which will help reduce your craving for cigarettes. Our pharmacist will give you advice on the range of NRT products available and will put you on the NRT programme.

The consultation is conducted by a sit down, one to one (although partners and friends, if attending, can be very beneficial) appointment usually of half hour duration.

Champix and Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT) have to be used with advice and other coping strategies. This is all part of the personalised Quit Plan. NRT and Champix is available at Eastcote Pharmacy without the need for a prescription.

We as counselors will recommend the course of NRT/ Champix that is most appropriate for yourself.
Weekly follow up and support is provided as long as it is required. Firstly to maintain motivation and secondly if the first attempt has failed to trigger a second attempt addressing the reason(s). We prefer to see people again to blow in the Smokerlyser which demonstrates the gains already achieved by quitting.

A special ‘Quitters Plan’ will be designed. The importance of such a tailor made approach is that quitting is more a lifestyle change than merely giving up the habit. History, contributing factors and past quit attempts all have to be taken into account.

The ‘Smokerlyser’ will be used to obtain a carbon monoxide(CO) reading. This is a high precision apparatus that accurately determines the CO load on the cardiovascular system, and hence is very useful in physically demonstrating the damage smoking is doing, CO stops Oxygen binding to the red blood cells therefore making less oxygen available to the organs, and increases the stickiness of the blood leading to clot formation. Up to 15% of your red blood cells can be bound to CO. The ‘Smokerlyser’ is also a useful self motivating tool as CO levels rapidly drop upon quitting – after 24 hours.

All Quit Plans will include a ‘Quit date’. This is vitally important as any Quit attempt has to be at a time when there is relatively little stress. Also prior preparation for life as a non smoker has to be carried out.

For further details please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our team will be able to assist you.